Posted by: Adam | August 7, 2009

Day 27: Batu Pahat to Singapore

Could this be it???



But what a hell of day!

I was joking about having some contracted some kind of disease yesterday. But today I felt very ill all day. But it could just be fatigue combined with lots of mosquito bites. TIme will tell.


After working out what would possibly be our last route to take we said cheerio to Batu Pahat and headed to Pontian Kechil.

Luckily as we got into the ride my flu symptoms started to go away ad we were able to get some distance covered.


The road we should have taken

(The entrance to Singapore we think we should have taken).




After 100km or so we made it to the home stretch and everything was coming up roses. The guy at the toll booth / customs to exit Malaysia let us through without having to pay.


(free exit)







So here we are, passing into Singapore Immigration. Everything looked great. Until a couple of officials came running up to us and looked very worried.

We’d joked about how we’ll probably accidently break the law in Singapore.

Before we knew it we were inside explaining why we had ridden our bikes into Singapore.

Apparently it had been 20 years since the last time someone rode in through this bridge. Why?

Well it turns out …. IT IS ILLEGAL!

The Customs officials were going to send us back to Malaysia to reenter Singapore from the Jahor Bahru entrance. If I hadn’t just cycled 120km I’d have been ok with it but I was exhausted.

LUCKILY after a few phone calls to their superiors the Customs guys let us through and escorted us to the highway (which is also illegal to ride on).



(Tiger beer brewery!)



Awesome – Nicholas and I got flat tyres within 5 minutes of each other . It felt like we were never going to make it to Singapore!

So here we are. We made it to Singapore!

It feels weird. It’s been nearly a month on the road. We’ve ridden something like 2100km!

I have felt better.

Total KM: 150km



  1. yeah yeah!
    Nicholas we are cool.

  2. Hahaha, AWESOME! It couldn’t end different than with a big bang. Entering Singapore somewhat illegal is definitely the climax of your journey for me as a reader.

    And it was a great journey to follow! If you would ask me a month ago, I’d say you’d be insane. But woowee what an achievement! Congratulations guys! Next up: long way down, Africa. 😀

  3.  *******CONGRATULATION DUDE!*******

    *******ยินดีด้วย เพื่อน ******

  4. welcome to singapore! :p meet up for drinks and food in afew hrs time! see you guys!

  5. Thankyou very much guys!

    It’s a funny feeling now we are finally in Singapore.

    @Bart – thanks for all the consistent commenting dude! You made us feel interesting 🙂

    @Joanna – sounds great!

  6. เย้้!!!!!!!!!!!
    ถึงซะทีโนะๆๆๆๆๆ สุดยอดไปเลย ครั้งหน้า ปั่นไปไหนดี อังกฤษดีไหมนิกโคคคค

  7. พวกนายมันสุดๆเลยหวะ

  8. Very Coo!!!!! & Brave man


  9. Congratulations you guys! Amazing journey and yes, what an ending. It has been great following your blog.

    Enjoy your days without your bicycles now…. Until next time?

    • Thanks a lot Mr. Mai. Yes, until next time for sure!

  10. congratulations!! this is very crazy and inspired at the same time!! Bravo! 🙂

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