Posted by: Adam | July 18, 2009

Day 07: Than Phannara to Nakhon Sri Thammarat

Left the ‘love shack’ at Than Phannara around 7am an headed down highway 41, but then took a left down highway 4195 towards the mountains and then onto highway 4015 – towards Nakhon Sri Thammarat!


Was a great morning through this area, great jungle/forest around, lots of little villages to pass through, some big mountains with clouds floating past, very green.





We crossed through the Nakhon Sri Thammarat mountains after a fairly decent accent – Nicholas managed to beat it, my lack of gears got the better of me and had to walk it. Errrrr.


But the ride down the hill was cool – pretty steep and no traffic. My iPhone says i got my bike up to 92.1 km/h!


The rest of the ride into Nakhon Sri Thammarat was nice and flat, but HOT.



Total km: 78 km
Max Speed: 92.1 km/h



  1. มึงบ้าไปเเล้ว 92 กิโลเตรต่อชั่วโมง สาดดดดร็วเกิ๊นนนน…ระมัดระวังนะเว้ยยยยย กลับมาไปงานมงคลต่อ อิอิ

  2. re: where to go in Malaysia – may I suggest the east coast? I know it’s awkward because you’ve got to skip around yala, narathiwat and all that nastiness plus it probably means skipping KL but the east coast is supposed to be sprinkled with beautiful, deserted beaches. panang on the west coast is fairly nice as is kuala lumpur but it’s palm oil plantations almost the entire distance (ie, fairly boring).

  3. Almost halfway! I can see you’ve got bored of that highway 41. And I can’t blame you, highway 4015 seems to be much nicer to ride.

    Then I guess Lachlan got a good point in going on the east side of Malaysia. The west side is more developed and has tourist resorts… East seems much more fun to explore by bicycle. 🙂

  4. อยากบอกว่าเคยกินดีโด้รสองุ่น

  5. @Lachlan – good suggestion! It’s on the cards but might end up just taking the west coast and maybe crossing over to the east when we get down south near singapore.

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